The Workout To Improve Your Sex Life

What is physical therapy, and how can it improve my abilities in bed? Physical Therapy for the Pelvic Floor Pelvic floor therapy can be a solution to numerous sexual dysfunctions (problems) in men and women. For men, pelvic floor physiotherapists treat problems like erectile dysfunction, rapid ejaculation and performance anxiety. For women, issues such as […]

Mindful Sex: Deeper Connection, Intimacy & Pleasure

One the most powerful tools in our sexual toolkit for the most awesome sex ever isn’t the newest sex gadget, erection pills, or sexual positions. Gadgets can be great to enhance our experiences and pills can be great as a temporary treatment to maintain an erection, but they aren’t cures when it comes to the […]

Put Your Ring On

This ring does not belong to a powerful sorcerer and needs to be destroyed, nor the kind you hide in your pocket until popping the question. No, the cock-ring is a sex toy designed to enhance your sexual pleasure, and your partner’s too. There are many sex toys out there. But, to me, it feels […]

My Perfect Match with Lube

I was always a big believer in using lubricant during sex. I felt that it is a must, regardless of age or sexual orientation, because penetration should always be a pleasurable and painless experience, whether vaginal or anal. Moreover, using lubricant can also be a great way to start foreplay. You can use it to […]

Hot Dame

Did you know that women enjoy sex less than men? The National Survey of Health and Sexual Behavior, conducted by Indiana University researchers, showed that women in heterosexual relationships are less satisfied with sexual activity than men. They also report less satisfaction, arousal and orgasms than men in heterosexual relationships. This phenomenon has been named […]

The Guybrator

It was my first experience with a male toy vibrator and I truly didn’t know what to expect. What can be so different from the experience I was used to, and more importantly, why should I use it? Aren’t vibrators a girl thing? Well, I was wrong. There is nothing more masculine than discovering new […]

How I met Baci

  Have you ever used a sex toy? To be honest, I never truly understood what the big deal was until I first experienced one. After all, how can you truly compare a toy to a penis? You know, the real thing! The hot, soft, and warm sensations you receive during…ok, I’ll stop here because […]