Breaking Down the Fetish Closet!

It seems that admitting our sexual preferences to the world has become an easier task to tackle. But when it comes to what turns us on, or what our sexual fetishes are, it seems most would rather keep it hidden. So much so, that we are afraid to share our fetish with our lifetime partner, […]

A Guide to Hot Sexting

  Would you like to hear a secret? You can use your hands to make your partner go crazy without even touching them… How? Learn the art of sexting! It is important to know that there is no need to be an expert in erotica or kinky writing in order to sext. Sexting is part […]

What Women Like In Bed

  If you are a single man who enjoys casual sex or if you are in a monogamist relationship, I believe you will want to know how to please your girlfriend or partner in bed. Although sexual intercourse is an act that leads to pleasure, women do not always enjoy it. It appears that many […]

This is What it Feels Like (G-Spot Edition)

  If you have never found that infamous spot, it’s probably because it is not a real spot and it’s not separate from the rest of your vagina. Let’s understand our mysterious G spot better. Dr. Ernest Grafenberd discovered this area in the 1950s. He claimed that it is located at the front vaginal wall […]

Sexual Performance Anxiety

What does it mean if I can’t get an erection before sex? There are endless reasons why this might happen even including a long week at work! Exhaustion, stress, and excitement are all reasons why some men are not able to “get it up”.  It’s so important to discuss this matter openly with your partner. […]

I’m In Love With The Shape Of My Penis

Is the penis supposed to be straight during erection and what if it is curved? Like other organs in the male body (including the nose, lips, ears etc.), the penis is not symmetrical and comes in various shapes and sizes: long or short, thick or thin, some turn right and some turn left. There are […]