Find the right sexual wellness product, personalized for you

Find the right sexual wellness product, personalized for you

Picking the right sexual wellness product doesn’t have to be hard. We make it easy for you.

We want to learn about you. We will ask you
some fun questions.
BTW, we’re good listeners.

Get your personalized recommendation. Backed by professionals in human sexuality and product testers.

Let us know what you think and if there is anything
we can help with.


We understand that it is hard to choose the right sexual wellness
product, especially with all the products and companies out there.
We make it easier for you by providing you with a short quiz that
helps us define what is the best product for you – sex toy, condom,
lubricant, powder, or pill.

Sexence-Lab for her is a tool made by Sexence – The first social and
self-care engagement app that uses the power of AI to help its users
enhance their sexuality.

The quiz we provide you was developed by professionals in human
sexuality, testers, and the most advanced technology in order to
recommend the best products for you.

Our products

For everybody

We have dedicated a long time in order to create this amazing tool and we have chosen the best sexual wellness products in the world.

You deserve
to feel confident
about your sexuality.

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