This is What it Feels Like (G-Spot Edition)


If you have never found that infamous spot, it’s probably because it is not a real spot and it’s not separate from the rest of your vagina. Let’s understand our mysterious G spot better. Dr. Ernest Grafenberd discovered this area in the 1950s. He claimed that it is located at the front vaginal wall (inside the vulva) and swells when women feel aroused. He also stated that it can lead to an intense orgasm! Yes, you can experience a strong orgasm through stimulation of this area.

Dr. Beverly Whipple is one of the sex researchers who helped identify the G-spot and discovered what is known today as female ejaculation. The G-spot area can secrete fluids when it is stimulated. 

Now let’s fast forward and look at research that was done in 2017. It’s important to learn that this research put an end to years of debate about the G-spot and the question of whether this area exists or not. The researchers announced in their study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, that “The G-spot, in its current description, is not identified as a discrete anatomic entity at the macroscopic dissection of the urethra or vaginal wall.”

Do not get me wrong, maybe this area isn’t exactly identified, yet it may still lead to sexual pleasure for some women and this stimulation may secrete more fluid. 


How Does Touching the G-Spot Feel? 

Many women will tell you they know when the G spot has been stimulated because they feel they need to urinate. It feels this way because this area is located in the front wall of the vagina and touch in this area may push against the woman’s bladder; hence, they feel like they need to pee. 

This sensation may occur the first few times your G spot is stimulated, yet you can gradually get used to it and continue to enjoy the arousal until it leads to orgasm. This type of orgasm feels a little different. The area you feel the contractions during orgasm is around the sphincter rather than the vulva. 

For some women, this stimulation feels good; for others, it may just feel OK and they won’t reach orgasm in this way.  Once it gets stimulated, the release of a natural fluid starts, so your vaginal area and vulva may feel very wet. Women with a strong pelvic floor muscle may even ejaculate this way since the contractions of the vagina, with the amount of fluids getting released from the G Spot, can lead to female ejaculation. Orgasm through the G spot feels more internal as the vaginal walls pulse and the uterus contracts several times during the orgasm. 


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