The Guybrator

It was my first experience with a male toy vibrator and I truly didn’t know what to expect. What can be so different from the experience I was used to, and more importantly, why should I use it? Aren’t vibrators a girl thing?

Well, I was wrong. There is nothing more masculine than discovering new and exciting ways to pleasure yourself and if you can have better orgasms, why deny yourself that enjoyment?  

From the first moment I saw the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux, I had a feeling I’m going to enjoy this toy. It’s called the guy vibrator for a reason. It has a strong pulse plate at the center with a strong motor, and even a turbo option. This can help you get erected hands-free, an important feature for those who are having trouble getting hard. You can also use it as a stroker if you want, just remember to add lubricant (always check which lubricant can be used with your toy). It’s more or less the size of a fist, which means it will fit most penis sizes and is easy to be carried around.

The Pulse SOLO LUX is made of a waterproof silicone material, which is nice to touch and is also adjustable to fit your penis. This version even comes with a remote control watch that allows you or your partner to control its speed and vibration patterns. There is also a similar toy for couples, which has an extra motor on the outer side for her pleasure.

Its main use is for the head of the penis where the pulse plate is located, yet you can play with it on different parts of your penis and find what gives you the best sensation. In my opinion, this sensation is so different from what I experienced so far due to the fact that no other person, male or female can mimic this toy’s vibration or its intensity. 

After testing its different patterns and speeds I found the one I enjoyed the most and now all I can tell you is lay back, relax and let Hot Octopuss do its job. 

Brand: Hot Octopuss

The Design: Round shell-like vibrator 

Ingredients: Silicone, ABS

The feel: Pleasurable vibrations 

Extra points: Can be used as a hands-free toy

The sensation that can’t be mimicked by a person.


Sexence Lab team recommends this toy for men due to its elegant design, strong vibrations and pleasurable feel.


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