My Perfect Match with Lube

I was always a big believer in using lubricant during sex. I felt that it is a must, regardless of age or sexual orientation, because penetration should always be a pleasurable and painless experience, whether vaginal or anal. Moreover, using lubricant can also be a great way to start foreplay. You can use it to massage the intimate parts of one another or yourself.

Many of my clients told me they feel confused when they stand in front of the pharmacy’s lubricants section or view it online.  They are unsure which brand to buy and what the lubricant should be based on  – water, oil or silicon.

Over the years, I tried many different brands. I admit I liked a few, but I was not really “in love” with any of them until a few years ago, when I finally found the “perfect match.”  

I was attending a professional convention for medicine and sexuality, at which many companies presented their products. As I looked through the different booths, I was captured by a beautiful glass bottle design that came in various sizes. At first, I did not realize that it was a lubricant because it reminded me of a perfume. However, once I touched the material, I realized it was a  silicone-based lube. I was amazed by how smooth it felt on my hand, almost silky, and it was not sticky.

At that moment, I understood how it could make penetration feel perfect and you know what? I was right! 

The Brand: Uberlube

The Design: A beautiful glass bottle that looks like perfume with an easy-to-use pump.

Ingredients: Body-friendly ingredients 

The Feel: Feels smooth and silky, lubricates the intimate parts well, making penetration smooth. 

Extra points: 

  1. It feels silky and the silicon is not sticky
  2. Uberlube is condom friendly 


  • Sexence lab team recommendations: Apply Uberlube during foreplay, before penetration, for a pleasant experience. 


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