I’m In Love With The Shape Of My Penis

Is the penis supposed to be straight during erection and what if it is curved?

Like other organs in the male body (including the nose, lips, ears etc.), the penis is not symmetrical and comes in various shapes and sizes: long or short, thick or thin, some turn right and some turn left. There are almost no straight penises and curvature can be in any area. In most cases, the deviation is mild and not accompanied by any sexual dysfunction, unless the deviation makes it difficult to penetrate and have sex (that is relatively rare), or when it causes a mental problem damaging the man’s self-image.

Male genital angle does not matter much to women, especially if there is an intimate relationship based on mutual respect, trust and love, and not necessarily anatomical characteristics.

In cases where the deviation angle is indeed abnormal, that is – at a degree that makes it difficult to penetrate or accompanied by pain (during intercourse or in general) – see a urologist, especially if this is a new or advanced deviation. If necessary, an easy and simple surgery (“Nesbit”) straightens (and may also shorten) the penis, although in the vast majority of cases, this is not necessary.

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