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Did you know that women enjoy sex less than men?

The National Survey of Health and Sexual Behavior, conducted by Indiana University researchers, showed that women in heterosexual relationships are less satisfied with sexual activity than men. They also report less satisfaction, arousal and orgasms than men in heterosexual relationships. This phenomenon has been named the “orgasm gap”, which is what Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman plan to solve with Dame Products – innovative sex toys designed to enhance women’s sexual experience

In order to achieve their goal, Payne and Lieberman identified their target audience and used these women in their research The women gave them feedback and input, based on their diverse personal experiences and tried the Dame Products to make sure they really meet women’s needs. When Payne and Lieberman talked to the women about their sexual experiences and the problems they had with sex toys, they realized that they needed to create toys that focus on clitoral stimulation rather than penetration. Most women reach orgasm by external clitoral stimulation, but the relevant sex toys were very limited and uninspiring.

Payne and Lieberman wanted to create something new, a sex toy that could arouse the woman during sex but did not require too much handling. After much work, they developed “Eva”, a hands-free vibrator for couples, designed for external stimulation. The world’s first vibrator that stays in place without having to hold it.

The “Eva” looks quite different from other sex toys we know. It’s a small vibrator with two flexible wings that sit between the outer lips of the vulva, above the clitoris. Eva is supposed to stay in place even during intercourse and allow women to feel more relaxed and reach orgasm more easily during penetration. Sounds too good to be true! But does it work? The reactions to “Eva” are mixed. Some women write in the reviews that the vibrator is wonderful and changed their sex life completely, while others say that it simply does not stay in place and slips out with every movement.

In any case, whether it works or not, in my opinion, Fine and Lieberman’s attempt to create a toy that meets women’s real needs and to think outside of the box is inspiring. They were able to create a different vibrator than the ones on the market, after consulting with women and taking into account their real needs. Hoping next time it will work as well as it looks!

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