Can Certain Sex Positions Lead to Painful Penetration?

Yes, it can happen.

Every sex position leads to a different penetration angle. It is good to learn what sexual positions can lead to pleasure sexual intercourse for you. Many women report that, on a certain angle, they feel pain. That is why when experimenting with different positions, you do it slowly. It can differ from one woman to another and from the way you change your body angle in each position. 

For example: in the cowgirl sex position, many women report that when they sit with their back straight, it hurts; yet, once they lean a bit forwards, it turns into a pleasurable sex position and can even lead to orgasm. 

It’s essential to be in touch with your body during sex and not to ignore pain. Once sexual activity does not feel pleasurable and becomes painful, this is where you should stop and change up the position. 

I need to tell you that pain can harm the sexual experience and reduce sexual desire. In the long run, it may even lead you to avoid sex altogether. 

Moreover, if it happens repeatedly, I recommend making an appointment with your gynecologist to ensure there are no medical issues related to it.


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