A Guide to Hot Sexting


Would you like to hear a secret? You can use your hands to make your partner go crazy without even touching them… How? Learn the art of sexting!

It is important to know that there is no need to be an expert in erotica or kinky writing in order to sext. Sexting is part of our sexuality and just as in our sexuality, some things turn us on and other things not so much.  Here are some tips that can help you start typing or just be inspired:

Memories and Descriptions – Sometimes it is easiest to start talking about the last sexual contact you had, or sexual contact that you especially remember. Reminisce together, describe what you did step by step and from there move to the present, to what you would like to do right now. Describe the experience in great detail, this will make it more vivid. If you start in a real situation from your sex life, it will feel more authentic and unforced.

Foreword – Plan or describe what you would want to do together the next time you meet. You can describe a detailed and hot sexual session and you can also describe how you will cuddle together in front of the TV. Different levels of intimacy correspond to different times and people.

Teasing – You can provoke each other using texts or pictures, send content that reveals a little and promises a lot, intrigues the other side and excites the partner to want more.

 Rhythm – Try to build the texting gradually. Start with more gentle and subtle messages and increase sexuality level over time. Just like we do not start with penetration, also here we will gradually build up the stimulus and desire.

In addition, you can play with the messaging rate. You can send occasional sexy texts throughout the day or take the long, detailed message route. Ping-pong dialogue between the two of you is also recommended. 


  1. How can we make it playful? 

Sexting as a game – You do not have to take the sexting too seriously, you can treat it as a kind of game, be gutsy and write things you wouldn’t dare to say face to face. You can take it a step further and mini role-play in writing. decide on a “role” you play, whether it’s “I can’t wait to tear your clothes off” or whether you want to play an actual character from a book/movie/series that you both love. Before you begin, set the rules of the game, what you want to do and how you know when to stop.

      2. Can sexing be dirty?!

Taking Dirty– There’s nothing “deviant” or shameful about using dirty language in your correspondence as long as you both agree to it. Make sure your partner is into it as well and see how far you both want to go. It may be awkward or embarrassing at first, but the more you do it, the more you will get used to integrating those words into your sexual communication.

      3. What do you think about sexting pictures? 

Pictures – Taking sexy pictures can be fun and hot, helping us to show and see for ourselves our sexy and beautiful side while exploring our sexuality. Remember that you do not have to send explicit pictures, it can be very fun to receive implicit pictures, as one look alone can convey passion and sexuality as well.

TIP and Protection- 

Sexting can prepare you for your next rendezvous, think of ideas, or open up topics you have not yet discussed. It can be used to create and increase desire, but it can also be a form of sex in itself. You can also use sexting to masturbate and try to imagine everything your partner writes to you.

  • Our in-house sex therapist does not recommend sending nude pictures of yourself online as it is not safe. Her rule of thumb is never to send a picture that would make you feel ashamed or embarrassed should it be seen by someone other than your partner.
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