How I met Baci

Have you ever used a sex toy? To be honest, I never truly understood what the big deal was until I first experienced one.

After all, how can you truly compare a toy to a penis? You know, the real thing! The hot, soft, and warm sensations you receive during…ok, I’ll stop here because you know what I mean.

Everything changed when I discovered a sex toy that had zero resemblance to a penis,… aiming to pleasure the clitoris, you know the body part that is designed to lead every woman to a very powerful orgasm.

Baci is a cleverly designed sex toy so it can be easily held with one hand (and I have a tiny one).

It fits the shape of the vagina perfectly, so once you position it, it can be used in various ways.

After testing this cool product in several positions and angles, I have some hot and pleasurable recommendations for you, are you ready?

Firstly, you can certainly enjoy Baci on your own, but I think the most pleasurable way to experience it during the act, is with your partner.

Secondly, some women love oral sex, some men hate to give it, but I have good news for you, Baci resembles the act of oral sex.

Let me explain, Baci uses airflow technology to mimic the feeling of a human mouth and tongue, lightly sucking and stroking over the clitoris.

Finally, you can put a water-based lubricant on the vagina before using it to experience the sensation of oral sex.

An additional benefit is that Baci is entirely waterproof which means you can have fun with it in the shower—both alone and with a partner.

Pay attention, since Baci’s default setting is quite strong,
I recommend starting with delicate tapping on the clitoral area.

So come on, undress, and enjoy.

The brand: Lora Dicarlo
The design: beautiful oval-shaped
The Feel: pleasurable sensations on the clitoris
Extra points: it’s small, pretty and pink so you can take it anywhere and everywhere.

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