The Guybrator

It was my first experience with a male toy vibrator and I truly didn’t know what to expect. What can be so different from the experience I was used to, and more importantly, why should I use it? Aren’t vibrators a girl thing? Well, I was wrong. There is nothing more masculine than discovering new […]

Sexual Performance Anxiety

What does it mean if I can’t get an erection before sex? There are endless reasons why this might happen even including a long week at work! Exhaustion, stress, and excitement are all reasons why some men are not able to “get it up”.  It’s so important to discuss this matter openly with your partner. […]

I’m In Love With The Shape Of My Penis

Is the penis supposed to be straight during erection and what if it is curved? Like other organs in the male body (including the nose, lips, ears etc.), the penis is not symmetrical and comes in various shapes and sizes: long or short, thick or thin, some turn right and some turn left. There are […]