Can Certain Sex Positions Lead to Painful Penetration?

Yes, it can happen. Every sex position leads to a different penetration angle. It is good to learn what sexual positions can lead to pleasure sexual intercourse for you. Many women report that, on a certain angle, they feel pain. That is why when experimenting with different positions, you do it slowly. It can differ […]

Hot Dame

Did you know that women enjoy sex less than men? The National Survey of Health and Sexual Behavior, conducted by Indiana University researchers, showed that women in heterosexual relationships are less satisfied with sexual activity than men. They also report less satisfaction, arousal and orgasms than men in heterosexual relationships. This phenomenon has been named […]

What Women Like In Bed

  If you are a single man who enjoys casual sex or if you are in a monogamist relationship, I believe you will want to know how to please your girlfriend or partner in bed. Although sexual intercourse is an act that leads to pleasure, women do not always enjoy it. It appears that many […]

This is What it Feels Like (G-Spot Edition)

  If you have never found that infamous spot, it’s probably because it is not a real spot and it’s not separate from the rest of your vagina. Let’s understand our mysterious G spot better. Dr. Ernest Grafenberd discovered this area in the 1950s. He claimed that it is located at the front vaginal wall […]

How I met Baci

  Have you ever used a sex toy? To be honest, I never truly understood what the big deal was until I first experienced one. After all, how can you truly compare a toy to a penis? You know, the real thing! The hot, soft, and warm sensations you receive during…ok, I’ll stop here because […]