The Workout To Improve Your Sex Life

What is physical therapy, and how can it improve my abilities in bed? Physical Therapy for the Pelvic Floor Pelvic floor therapy can be a solution to numerous sexual dysfunctions (problems) in men and women. For men, pelvic floor physiotherapists treat problems like erectile dysfunction, rapid ejaculation and performance anxiety. For women, issues such as […]

My Boyfriend Cums Too Fast. What Can We Do To Have Better Sex?

  You should invest in everything that leads to pleasure and take your time to really enjoy the foreplay: kisses all over your body or his, French kisses, massages, oral sex, nipple or breast play, anal play, and more.  It’s sexy, it’s sensual, and it can be very pleasurable. Just make sure you do what […]

Fake Pleasure or Orgasm

I constantly fake pleasure in bed and I think my boyfriend doesn’t notice. Is it so terrible to fake pleasure or orgasm in bed? Do you think men fake it too?

Breaking Down the Fetish Closet!

It seems that admitting our sexual preferences to the world has become an easier task to tackle. But when it comes to what turns us on, or what our sexual fetishes are, it seems most would rather keep it hidden. So much so, that we are afraid to share our fetish with our lifetime partner, […]

Can Certain Sex Positions Lead to Painful Penetration?

Yes, it can happen. Every sex position leads to a different penetration angle. It is good to learn what sexual positions can lead to pleasure sexual intercourse for you. Many women report that, on a certain angle, they feel pain. That is why when experimenting with different positions, you do it slowly. It can differ […]

What Women Like In Bed

  If you are a single man who enjoys casual sex or if you are in a monogamist relationship, I believe you will want to know how to please your girlfriend or partner in bed. Although sexual intercourse is an act that leads to pleasure, women do not always enjoy it. It appears that many […]

This is What it Feels Like (G-Spot Edition)

  If you have never found that infamous spot, it’s probably because it is not a real spot and it’s not separate from the rest of your vagina. Let’s understand our mysterious G spot better. Dr. Ernest Grafenberd discovered this area in the 1950s. He claimed that it is located at the front vaginal wall […]