Put Your Ring On

This ring does not belong to a powerful sorcerer and needs to be destroyed, nor the kind you hide in your pocket until popping the question. No, the cock-ring is a sex toy designed to enhance your sexual pleasure, and your partner’s too. There are many sex toys out there. But, to me, it feels […]

My Perfect Match with Lube

I was always a big believer in using lubricant during sex. I felt that it is a must, regardless of age or sexual orientation, because penetration should always be a pleasurable and painless experience, whether vaginal or anal. Moreover, using lubricant can also be a great way to start foreplay. You can use it to […]

The Guybrator

It was my first experience with a male toy vibrator and I truly didn’t know what to expect. What can be so different from the experience I was used to, and more importantly, why should I use it? Aren’t vibrators a girl thing? Well, I was wrong. There is nothing more masculine than discovering new […]